About us

We offer maintenance services for OCÉ printers - OCÉ PageStream, VarioStream printers.
All of our technicians have gathered several years professional experience at the original manufacturing firms before they joined our company.

The costs for the maintenance agreement contain all tasks on the printer, according to the regulations of the original manufacturers.
Repairs during the agreed maintenance time, including spare parts, are covered within the maintenance agreement.
Our technicians also work on individually requested mandates by hourly based fees.
The travel expenses per km as well as the effective working time on site are calculated in this case individually.
Of course our technicians are insured against caused damages on the device.
We offer toners, consumables and spare parts for reasonable conditions.
Also offer these materials as single purchase or included in the framework contracts, like click-charge contracts.
We cooperate with one of the largest American toner producers and sell these products worldwide.
Océ, is a registered trademark of Océ Technologies B.V.